Our investments in Jewish education go way beyond aleph-bets. We’re supporting high-quality Jewish education inside and outside the classroom.

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The entire New York community is at your fingertips. Meet people who share your interests and your passion for changing the world.

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Experience your impact firsthand. Israel. Marrakech. Budapest. Havana. Mumbai. (Yes, we go there too!)

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Volunteer with us. Roll up your sleeves and get things done. There’s no better way to understand UJA’s work.

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Sharpen your skills as a professional and leader. Meet mentors, explore learning opportunities, hear from key players in every industry.

We come from different backgrounds.

We work in different industries.

But we share
common values.

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“We got involved with UJA Young Leaders to meet other young professionals who wanted to make a difference. Little did we know how passionate we’d become about UJA.”

-Jacqueline and Benjamin Brogadir

“Being involved in UJA has helped me understand the challenges and beauty of Israel’s diversity from a new perspective. And it’s inspired and enabled me to become a leader in our UJA community.”

-Alex Lass

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