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Young Real Estate (REX)

  • Come join real estate professionals from all parts of the industry for exclusive briefings, tours, volunteer projects, and other unique opportunities.
  • Interested? Contact Samantha Kahme at or 212.836.1293

Young Hospitality

  • Connect with hotel financiers, investors, food and beverage professionals, and other industry leaders in the hospitality space to give back and do good together.
  • Interested? Contact Samantha Kahme at or 212.836.1293

Entertainment & Tech Council

  • We work in a wide variety of fields, including marketing, music, tech, and fashion. We host top industry executives at panel discussions, attend exclusive industry events, and make connections.
  • Interested? Contact Maya Spector at or 212.836.1474

Young Healthcare

  • We feature the leading voices in medicine, healthcare investing, technology, and more. Health and life science professionals alike attend our programs.
  • Interested? Contact Alex Bebeshko at

Young Lawyers

  • We’re an inclusive community of lawyers and your go-to for connecting with top attorneys and prominent professionals.
  • Interested? Contact Marisa Camacho at

Next Gen Trusts & Estates

  • We strive to make a philanthropic impact with others in estate planning. We welcome people under the age of 45.
  • Interested? Contact Alexandra Ruben

Next Gen Restructuring

  • If you’re a legal or finance professional, you work in or around the reorganization industry, and you want to give back to your community, this is the place for you. We welcome people under the age of 45.
  • Interested? Contact Juliana Dwyer 212.836.1258

Young Lawyers Next

  • We’re the group for attorneys in their 30s and early 40s who want to sink our teeth deeper into UJA and engage in meaningful and boutique opportunities.
  • Interested? Contact Alexandra Ruben

Young Wall Street

  • Welcome! We’re a large, enthusiastic group of people in finance who are looking to give back and develop meaningful connections.
  • Interested? Contact Jaya Nahmiyas

Next Gen IMD

  • If you work in the hedge fund and investment markets, this is your place! We come together to build community and gain industry insights from high-level speakers.
  • Interested? Contact Amanda Grabel 212.836.1137

Next Gen Insurance

  • We provide opportunities to connect, give back, and participate in exclusive conversations with industry professionals. Come join us!
  • Interested? Contact Rachel Goldrich 212.836.1836

Next Gen Private Equity

  • We’re the up-and-coming leaders in a group on the cutting edge of the private equity industry. We host programs where we connect with the world’s most respected private equity and buy-out professionals.
  • Interested? Contact Jacqueline Gordon at or 212.836.1528

Young Wine & Spirits

  • Come together with wine & spirits professionals who are producers, distributors, retailers, and other industry leaders for unique experiences and, most importantly, to give back.
  • Interested? Contact Samantha Kahme at or 212.836.1293


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Third Generation Holocaust Survivors & Supporters

  • We offer meaningful, year-round programming for grandchildren of Holocaust survivors as well as other young professionals who are passionate about Holocaust remembrance and education.
  • Interested? Contact Shai Kartus 212.836.1514


  • A community of Russian-speaking Jewish philanthropists and leaders making a meaningful impact through UJA.
  • Interested? Contact Alex Bebeshko

Young Sephardic

  • We make a difference by connecting the Sephardic community to UJA’s work. Come join us.
  • Interested? Contact Mindy Montague at or 212.836.1120


  • We’re a safe, inclusive space for people who identify as LGBTQ and their allies to strengthen our community and improve lives.
  • Interested? Contact Gary Aftor

Young Manhattan Women

  • We have flexible schedules and come together to integrate Jewish values, volunteering, and philanthropy into our homes.
  • Interested? Contact Jamie Weinstein

Professional Women

  • We’re powerful and career-minded. We work across a variety of industries and come together to give back.
  • Interested? Contact Andrea Gingold 212.836.1187

Generosity Signature Event & Host Committee

  • Want to plan one of New York’s biggest galas for those in their 20s and 30s? Generosity, UJA Young Leaders’ annual signature event, highlights UJA’s work and engages hundreds of attendees in hands-on opportunities to make a difference and change lives.
  • Get a glimpse of last year’s event and learn more here.
  • Interested? Contact Jessie Ziff

UJA Young Leaders Community

  • We’re an enthusiastic group of New Yorkers who want to change lives by giving back, build a foundation of UJA knowledge and meet new people in a welcoming setting. We make meaningful gifts of $365 or more to UJA’s annual campaign.
  • Interested? Contact Julia Susskind

UJA Young Leaders Collective

  • We’re a dedicated group of young leaders who are ready to take the next step in our leadership within UJA, explore our philanthropic interests on a deeper level, and gain access to a wider variety of UJA programming. We make meaningful gifts of $1,000 or more to UJA’s annual campaign.
  • Interested? Contact Jessie Ziff

UJA Young Leaders Circle

  • We’re a group of committed philanthropists who want to immerse ourselves in high-level opportunities in intimate settings. Our programs welcome individuals, couples, young families, and others. We make meaningful gifts of $3,600 or more to UJA’s annual campaign.
  • Interested? Contact

UJA Couples

  • UJA Couples offers enriching social, cultural, and philanthropic activities, often with a Jewish spin, and creates community among couples in their 20s and 30s.
  • Interested? Contact

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