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It’s our name and it’s true! UJA Young Leaders can help you explore the world of nonprofit leadership. Start with Leadership Labs and see where you go.

Have some experience already? Ask us which program is the best fit for you!

Leadership Labs

Join our fall-spring cohort-based program designed to provide you with strong foundational knowledge about UJA’s work in both the local and global Jewish community, build leadership skills for future engagement in UJA and beyond, and create lasting bonds with like-minded peers.

Interested? Contact: Atara Burian at


Observership is an exclusive yearlong program for committed young professionals who want to take their leadership to the next level. Through a placement on a UJA-Federation allocating committee or a partner nonprofit board, Observers get a front-row seat to the impact lay leaders have in shaping the community of tomorrow.

Interested? Contact: Atara Burian at

Agency Board Ambassador

We’ll match you with an opportunity to serve on the Board at one of the nonprofits in UJA’s network. Nonprofits like JCRC, Hazon, and Jewish Board. An amazing opportunity to connect to more seasoned philanthropists while enhancing your own governance and planning skills.

Interested? Contact Carolyn Cohen at or 212.836.1439

Shapiro Family Fellowship & Alumni

The Shapiro Family Fellowship cultivates Jewish leaders ages 22-35 through year-long cohort learning sessions, a 12-day trip to Israel, introspective narrative writing and a final group project, all focused on the complexities in Israeli society and UJA’s work in Israel.

Interested? Contact Shai Kartus at or 212.836.1514

More Opportunities

National Young Leaders Cabinet

National Young Leadership (NYL) Cabinet is a prestigious leadership training program for individuals in their 30s and early 40s. Join our New York delegation as we enrich lives through this global philanthropic movement. Participate in national gatherings and international missions, all the while experiencing high-level programming and making our impact right here in New York.

Interested? Contact Carolyn Cohen at or 212.836.1439

Giving Circle

The Young Leaders Giving Circle provides an opportunity to experience UJA’s grant-making process firsthand. Engage in passionate conversations about the challenges UJA is tackling. Then, hear from organizations working to solve real problems, review proposals, and take a hands-on approach to allocating a grant. All within a few months.

Interested? Contact Carolyn Cohen at or 212.836.1439 

Jewish Learning

Connect to your Jewish values and deepen your Jewish knowledge. Learn from renowned rabbis alongside your peers. Explore issues facing our community through a Jewish lens. Attend or host a discussion on a topic of interest to you. Wherever you are, we’ll meet you there.

Interested? Contact: Carolyn Cohen at or 212.836.1439

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